Facilitating the green transition towards a sustainable economy

CSE has grown to become the preferred solutions provider for the design, engineering, procurement, and integration of highly complex electrical distribution and power systems for the data centre, industrial, manufacturing, and utility/energy markets. With its broad array of products and considerable experience as a systems integrator, CSE is building the electricity grid of the future: innovative, reliable, and sustainable.

Power Systems Protection & Control Solutions

CSE designs and develops solutions to meet specific customer requirements that satisfy market requirements.

CSE’s established solutions include:

  • Power system protection and control
  • Automation and communications systems for substations and switchyards
  • Power asset management, monitoring and diagnostics
  • Power transformers for renewable energy generation and storage
  • Motor starting equipment and management
  • Electrical equipment sales, maintenance and onsite servicing
  • Device data collection, analytics and advisory

Data Centre Solutions

CSE provides data center electrification solutions to power 24x7 operations with switchgears, remote power panels (RPPs), busway, and prefabricated modular solutions in modular eHouses and skids.

Electrical Equipment Centres

CSE provides design, procurement and integration of various electrical equipment in an enclosure, such as HVAC systems, fire & gas detection systems, UPS systems, switchgears, battery systems, and protection and control panels.

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Solutions

CSE designs, engineers and integrates charging station systems to the grid as well as optimises substation capacity for transmission and distribution of power. CSE provides solutions to reduce overloading of local substations and manage the strain on the distribution network, including transformers, power lines, and associated equipment, especially in situations when multiple EVs are charging in a specific area which can cause localized grid congestion. The sizing of the local distribution infrastructure is critical in order to handle the peak demand from EV charging, to reduce voltage fluctuations and power line losses, and ensure power quality.

Renewables Energy Solutions

CSE supplies and installs a large portfolio of innovative and diversified solar energy solutions. From engineering consultancy to fabrication, CSE’s turnkey solutions include turning existing commercial spaces into sustainable power sources and building entirely offgrid complexes.

Utility Solutions

CSE provides solutions for the automation of substations, integrating protection relays, protection and control IEDs (intelligent electronic devices), remote terminal units, termination cabinets, DC power systems, power switching equipment, security system, generator and building utilities including cooling systems, to support the electricity transmission and distribution network. CSE’s solutions help to increase the transmission and distribution’s network power quality, continuity of service and grid’s stability as well as to optimize operation of the electric system.

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