Streamlining, improving and automating processes to maximise efficiency and reduce the need for human intervention

Process Control System

CSE provides process control solutions that utilise supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA), distributed control systems (DCS), programmable logic controllers (PLCs), motors, drives and plant transducers. Client processes are wholly dependent on the control system.

Safety Shutdown System

CSE has supplied many different types of safety critical systems utilising a range of technologies from relays and solid state (hardwired systems) through to redundant PLC, DCS and TMR system architecture (software based systems). Over time, these systems have evolved with advances in both the technology and the methods of implementation and validation. Our safety critical systems – Emergency Shutdown Systems, Process Shutdown Systems and Integrated Control & Safety Systems - are implemented to ensure protection of plant and personnel in potentially hazardous environments.

Fire & Gas Detection System

Fire and Gas Detection systems are of paramount importance to project plant, production and personnel. CSE specialises in the provision and implementation of high integrity fire and gas detection systems to significantly reduce the risk of incidents. CSE offers a range of solutions to monitor combustible gas, toxic gas, smoke and fire through the production facility, and provide control action for suppression, alarming and process shutdown.


Recognised as one of the market leaders, CSE has supplied SCADA systems to a wide range of industries through the world. CSE’s SCADA system integrates a real time database with business systems to provide totally managed asset-base solutions and automated predictive based decisions.

Wellhead Control System

CSE provides hydraulic and/or pneumatic solutions to control dry wellhead valves and flowlines, in single or multi-headed wellhead systems. The wellhead control panel logic is often interfaced to and/ or controlled by the facility safety system.

Subsea Control System

CSE has been providing Subsea Control systems since 1995 and is known as one of the premier suppliers of Subsea control systems around the world, especially in the Western hemisphere. Our products and services include:

  • Engineering FEED and Interface Management service provided to Subsea Equipment Vendors and Operators
  • Master Control Station (MCS): PLC-based control system that monitors and controls the entire subsea field and interfaces it with the facility Control and Safety system and Historian.
  • Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU): HPU skid is responsible for providing reliable and clean hydraulic fluid at high pressures to the subsea controllers/actuators.
  • Topsides Umbilical Termination Assembly (TUTA): Interfaces the subsea umbilical with all topsides controls, utilities, and Chemical Injection lines.
  • Intervention and Workover Control System (IWOCS): This typically includes HPU and Operator cabin designed to be deployed in harsh hazardous area on the drilling rigs along with all the associated Subsea control panels such as the MCS and EPU.
  • Fully managed Maintenance and life-of-the-field support contracts.

Process SKID System

CSE’s chemical injection system, which consists of the skid assembly housing pumps, reservoirs, measurement and control devices and distribution circuitry, is used to disperse a wide array of treatment chemical into the production flow lines.

Real-time Information System

CSE provides a range of Realtime Information Systems (RtIS) solutions and services that are used by customers worldwide in the monitoring, analysis, automation and optimisation of their production processes. These RtIS solutions deliver timely and accurate plant information to the desktops of personnel in various disciplines, such as operations, process, engineering, maintenance and quality, thereby ensuring that informed business decisions are made in real time.

Intelligent Transport System (ITS)

Intelligent Transport System (ITS) is an application of advanced technologies such as electronics, communication, control and information technology for the benefit for more effective transportation. CSE has built up and established its competency and capability to provide intelligent transportation solutions such as:

  • Electronic Road Pricing System (Congestion Charging)
  • Electronic Toll Collection System
  • Motorway and Tunnel Management System
  • Urban Traffic Control System
  • Communication Backbone System
  • Electronic Information Display System

Multiple Hearth Furnace

CSE’s Multiple Hearth Furnace is a fully developed product which has established market recognition and product acceptance in municipal and industrial markets. The multi hearth is extremely flexible making it highly advantageous for use in several thermal processing areas.

Fluid Bed Incinerator

The fluid bed incinerator provides an environmentally sound method of reducing wastewater sludge, hazardous wastes and liquid wastes to a sterile, insert ash. Typically the ash is approximately 5% of the volume of feed, significantly extending the life of existing landfill and reducing the cost of their operation.

Carbon and Energy Recovery Systems

CSE combines state-of-theart carbonisation, activation, waste heat recovery and power generation technologies to provide a sustainable solution for production of wood lump charcoal, activated carbon and electricity.

Rotary Kiln Incinerator

The rotary kiln incinerator is a horizontal refractory-lined steel chamber which rotates on a slight incline and is capable of incinerating a wide variety of hazardous and non-hazardous waste materials. The rotary kiln can accept a wide variety of wastes such as containerised solids, bulk solids, drums, contaminated soils, spent catalysts, in addition to sludges and liquids.

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