Partnering the world’s most advanced technology manufacturers to design state-of-the-art communications network systems to ensure safety, improve performance and maintain critical operations.

Two-Way Radio Communications

CSE designs, installs and maintains two-way radio communications for both permanent and temporary locations. Its solutions offerings range from equipment rental, service and maintenance through to turnkey system design and management. CSE’s two-way radio systems offer the latest in personnel safety management and personnel tracking, location and “man down” alert systems.

Microwave Radio Systems

Microwave radio systems can provide point-to-point or pointto-multipoint communications. CSE provides complete system engineering for microwave systems. Our services include, site surveys, path analysis, spectrum planning, equipment recommendations and construction. Our system design can also incorporate solar and emergency diesel power as well as structural analysis and construction of towers.

Conventional & Trunked Radio Systems

Conventional two-way radio networks have evolved into complex digital trunked systems providing highly reliable, secure communications that can be delivered across a single site, along a corridor hundreds of kilometres long, through an underground tunnel or even linking multiple sites. These systems not only provide two-way voice communications but are now an integral part of companies OH&S policy, providing GPS tracking, man down emergency alarm and many other features including wireless data messaging. CSE has many years of experience in this area having designed, constructed and commissioned both analogue and digital trunked radio systems (TETRA and APC025) that now support many thousands of terminals.

VSAT Satellite Communications Networks

VSAT satellite systems are typically used in remote areas where conventional telecommunications are not accessible, or to backup other communications to form high reliability networks. The systems can be scaled to provide complete corporate facilities or only emergency fallback. CSE can provide VSAT systems for voice, data, remote monitoring and video conferencing. We can also provide the bandwidth or space segment required for a complete turnkey solution.

Fibre Optic Systems

Fibre optic networks offer the highest throughput of all commonly used forms of communications. The networks are also more secure and reliable than copper or wireless networks. CSE has the capability to design, construct and commission fibre optic networks for hazardous and industrial applications.

Public Address & General Alarm Systems (PAGA)

These are essential safety systems which alert personnel within a plant in the event of an emergency. CSE builds and engineers the systems to individual client requirements as this may require integrating the PAGA system with many different legacy plant systems. As part of the design work, CSE can also perform sound analysis and coverage studies to ensure audible, clear sound coverage is achieved in all areas where personnel need to be alerted.

CCTV, Access Control & Fids Systems

CSE can provide high-quality CCTV systems designed for remote monitoring of plant and equipment as well as providing surveillance for security applications. Our systems are designed to comply with the highest intrinsic safety standards for operating in hazardous areas.

Telephone Networks

Plant-wide telephone networks connected to, or integrated with, large corporate telephony networks are essential infrastructure for almost all industrial plants. As part of our overall solutions, CSE can work with clients to design telephony systems for greenfield sites incorporating the latest IP technology or integrate legacy TDM or circuit switched technology into new networks.

LAN/WAN Networks

Local and wide area networks are the key to underlying infrastructure required to support plant-wide data communications. They enable computers and other devices to communicate with servers, company intranets and the internet. CSE provides design and construction services for LAN and WAN networks using fibre, copper, wireless or combinations or these mediums. CSE works with clients to ensure the design is engineered to meet their reliability requirements, this may include multiple levels ofredundancy, fire resistant materials, etc.

IP-based Networks

IP (Internet Protocol) is the dominant standard used by almost all equipment vendors as the default communications protocol. CSE provides IP network designs for clients enabling IP devices to communicate with other devices while protecting them from unauthorised access. The network design can incorporate automatic failover switching, remote monitoring and traffic reporting.

SCADA & Telemetry Networks

CSE understands the special requirements for SCADA and Telemetry networks. While these networks are rapidly moving to a common IP protocol they still require a higher level of engineering than corporate data networks. CSE has a sound record in the design and construction of high reliability SCADA/Telemetry networks, including the integration of legacy serial systems with IP-based systems.

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