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From offshore oil and gas platforms to onshore plant information systems, CSE designs, delivers, commissions as well as provides comprehensive maintenance to a wide array of industrial systems.

Our impeccable track record is second to none. We have proven expertise in deploying basic monitoring systems as well as complex applications.

We integrate industrial technology solutions for clients from a wide spectrum of process industries.

PROCESS CONTROL SYSTEM CSE provide process control solutions that utilise supervisory control and data acquisition systems, distributed control systems, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), motors, drives and plant transducers. Many of our mission critical solutions are used in highly integrity environments such as oil & gas, power and nuclear installations, with client processes being wholly dependent on the control system.

CSE has been providing safety critical solutions for nearly 30 years. During this time our expertise has been applied to oil, gas and power facilities where we have supplied the following systems:

Emergency Shutdown Systems
Process Shutdown Systems
Integrated Control & Safety Systems

CSE has supplied many different types of safety critical systems utilising a range of technologies from relays and solid state (hardwired systems) through to redundant PLC, DCS and TMR system architecture (software based systems), over time these systems have evolved with advances in both the technology and the methods of implementation and validation.

Our safety critical systems are implemented to ensure protection of plant and personnel in potentially hazardous environments.

FIRE & GAS DETECTION SYSTEM Fire and Gas Detection systems are of paramount importance to project plant, production and personnel. CSE specialise in the provision and implementation of high-integrity fire and gas detection systems to significantly reduce the risk of incidents. CSE offer a range of solutions to monitor combustible gas, toxic gas, smoke and fire through the production facility, and provide control action for suppression, alarming and process shutdown.
SCADA Recognised as one of the market leaders, CSE has supplied SCADA (Supervisory Control& Data Acquisition) systems to a wide range of industries through the world. CSE's SCADA system integrates a real time database with business system to provide totally managed asset-based solutions and automated predictive based decisions.
WELLHEAD CONTROL SYSTEMS CSE provide hydraulic and/or pneumatic solutions to control wellhead valves and flowlines, in single or multi-headed wellhead systems. The wellhead control panel logic is often interfaced to and/or controlled by the facility safety system.

CSE has been providing Subsea Control systems since 1995 and is known as one of the premier suppliers of Subsea control systems around the world, especially in the Western hemisphere.
Our products and services are installed on production facilities as well as on drilling rigs and include:

Engineering FEED and Interface Management service provided to Subsea Equipment Vendors and Operators
Master Control Station (MCS): PLC-based control system that monitors and controls the entire subsea field and interface it
with the facility Control and Safety system and Historian.
Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU): HPU skid is responsible for providing reliable and clean hydraulic fluid at high pressures to the subsea controllers/actuators.
Topsides Umbilical Termination Assembly (TUTA): Interfaces the subsea umbilical with all topsides controls, utilities, and Chemical Injection lines.
Intervention and Workover Control System (IWOCS): This typically includes HPU and Operator cabin designed to be deployed in harsh hazardous area on the drilling rigs along with all the associated Subsea control panels such as the MCS and EPU.
Fully managed Maintenance and life-ofthe field support contracts.
PROCESS SKID SYSTEM CSE's chemical injection system, which consists of the skid assembly housing pumps, reservoirs, measurement and control devices and distribution circuitry, is used to disperse a wide array of treatment chemical into the production flow lines. Chemical injection is most often applied to subsea wellheads on offshore facilities.
ELECTRICAL DRIVE AND HIGH/MEDIUM VOLT AGE SYSTEMS CSE's power conversion business incorporates various electrical control equipment including low/medium voltage variable speed drives and solid state soft starters, slip energy recovery drive and liquid resistance starters, all centred around the starting, running and electronic speed control of low, medium and high electric motors.
ELECTRICAL PROTECTION AND CONTROL SYSTEM The protection system mainly deploys the GE Multilin range of products which cover motor protection, feeder protection, line protection, transformer protection and generator protection. The offerings include industrial network and network security design and implementation to protect real-time process control and SCADA systems of critical infrastructure systems.
REAL-TIME INFORMATION SYSTEM CSE partners with OSIsoft to provide a range of Real-time Information Systems (RtIS) solutions and services that are used by customers worldwide in the monitoring, analysis, automation and optimisation of their production processes. These RtIS solutions deliver timely and accurate plant information to the desktops of personnel in various disciplines, such as operations, process, engineering, maintenance and quality, thereby ensuring that informed business decisions are made in real time.
LABORATORY INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (LIMS) CSE partners with LabVantage to provide Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) solutions and services to our customers to run their laboratories efficiently by automating tasks, eliminating paper and integrating instruments to LIMS.

Our solution includes- in a single, unified platform- the core LIMS with Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), Laboratory Execution System (LES), Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) and Advanced Analytics. Embedding the ELN, LES, SDMS, and Advanced Analytics into the LIMS platform maintains a consistent user experience and limits the need to manage multiple vendor solutions or expensive complex interfaces.

Since 1996, CSE has implemented LIMS solutions to many laboratories worldwide across multiple industries. We have helped them increased their productivity by streamlining their workflows through digital transformation and automation. With our flexible, robust system and experienced professional services team, we have achieved and maintained 100% success rate for our LIMS projects.
DATA QUALITY CSE partners Pimsoft to offer Sigmafine a model-driven, advanced-analytics, enterprise solution that transforms raw data into digital assets through validation, reconciliation, and conditioning techniques to minimize uncertainty and drive actionable insights. Sigmafine combines process knowledge, engineering principles, and statistics to maximize the quantity, value, and quality of information extracted from disparate data sources and sensor-based data regardless of the industry or the use case.

Sigmafine is scalable, ranging from models representing a simple unit operation to a production unit, a complete industrial plant, a business unit, a utility transmission, and/or a distribution network. It can also be extended to support advanced industry-specific analytics. Sigmafine is the foundation for the development of a sustainable data quality management practice for streaming data and events.


Intelligent Transport System (ITS) is an application of advanced technologies such as electronics, communication, control and information technology for the benefit for more effective transportation. CSE has built up and established its competency and capability
to provide intelligent transportation solutions such as:

Electronic Road Pricing System ( Congestion Charging )
Electronic Toll Collection System
Motorway and Tunnel Management System
Urban Traffic Control System
Communication Backbone System
Electronic Information Display System

I&E Construction is performed in offshore fabrication yards and offshore sites. It consists of installing the facility electrical power distribution cabling, control system cabling, fire & gas detection system and cabling, lighting system communication network and cabling, and instrumentation tubing systems.

Commissioning, calibration services and commissioning services are also included.


CSE provides manufacture of computer programmable safety systems for electronic mustering, principally for the oil & gas sector.The company has developed a range of specialist hardware and software products for the automation of Person On Board and Person On Site
(POB:Off-shore/POS:On-shore) information at site access and muster assembly points and for location of personnel.



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